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About Us


Deb Wilson and her daughter Holly came up with the idea of Charming Ponies when they began searching for something to make their horses “stand out in the crowd”.  They looked at all the traditional bridles and browbands but wanted something that was more fun, affordable and interchangeable.

“It all began when Holly was given a wristband with charms for a birthday gift.  We began to play with the idea and pretty soon Charming Ponies was born.”

The business that began at the kitchen table is now expanding all over the world. 

“People love the variety!  One day your pony can be wearing a glorious pink daisy-filled browband and the next a sophisticated black number with sparkling gemstones.  Our customers range from owners of the cutest little Shetlands right through to stunning Warmbloods competing in dressage competitions.  We have worked hard to create a product that is tough, adaptable, easy to clean and most of all – fun!!”

Charming Ponies continues to expand its range of charms, designs and colours and we welcome feedback from our customers so that we can deliver the very best combinations and looks to suit your needs.

Brands, designs & creative are all subject to copyright and trademark.  All rights reserved.